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Playing poker is a lot of fun. It does not matter if you play for money or just for fun it is a great game. But it get much much better if you learn hove to play good and even make some money out of it. Here at freepokermoney.info we started to play poker for money in 2007. We have come a long way and are now playing poker on a semi professional level and earning quite some money every week by playing an hour or two every day. The idea of playing poker for a living is not so appealing to start playing full time although we would only  have to add a couple of more hours per week to be treated as professional poker players.

Many people think that if you want to be a professional poker player you have to earn millions of dollars and attending high roller poker games but that is not true. If you play poker for a couple of hours a day and make more money then if you went to work you are already semi pro in our standards. If you make three to four times as much as if you would work at your regular job then you can be considered pro because you are making more money playing poker then in any other job so far. And you spend most of your working day playing poker.project 365: day 227

How we started

Some people also think that you have to loose a lot of money before you can start winning in poker. This is also not true. You can also start on a very small budget that can not influence your life and you can become a successful poker player. There a lot of stories where people started from nothing and become very successful in poker. Many of them also started with free poker money and this is also the way we became a winning poker player. After loosing our first 50$ dollars that we deposited we decided to learn more about playing poker away from the table or online poker. After reading some articles and books (yes, books are a great way to learn poker) we found a site where you had to pass a quiz to get free money to play poker online. That was also a great test if we have learned anything new because if your answers were not correct you din’t get the money. We passed the quiz and started playing once again on real money tables. This time it was more successful because our firs deposit (when we lost all the money) was actually the only time when we had to deposit money. With a bankroll that we received we made enough money to clear all the bonus that comes along and were able to withdraw our money to online money account. From there we chose another room with many more player and options and were still successful until present days.

Why freepokermoney.info

This is also one of the reasons why we created this site about free poker money. We want to present two things on this site:

  1. Where you can get free poker money to play poker absolutely free with no money of your own necessary and
  2. Teach you how to become better poker player by following simple steps

Hopefully you will take advantage from our experience an also make some money of your own by playing poker online. Read our tips that will follow and find out where you can play poker for free.